Although I was pretty sure Yen wouldn’t have won the crown (not to sound like a pessimist or anything), I was at least hoping to see her enter the pageant’s Top 15. Even so, what was more disappointing about this year was that not a single Asian rep. managed to make it onto the shortlist. But the ultimate disappointment of the overall competition once it came down to the Top 5, was definitely not seeing Australia bring home the crown as she seems to have been the majority’s favorite (including mine).

The top 15 comprised Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Iceland, Miss Albania, Miss Czech Republic, Miss Belgium, Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Sweden, Miss Kosovo, Miss Australia, Miss France, Miss Switzerland, Miss USA, Miss Croatia and Miss Venezuela with Miss Thailand winning Miss Photogenic while Miss China won Miss Congeniality.

Five beauties were chosen for the interview round, which decided who would be the queen. Surprisingly, yet expectantly (if that even makes sense)Venezula, for the second year in a row, brought home the crown.


The first runner-up was Miss Dominican Republic, followed by Miss Kosovo, Miss Australia and Miss Puerto Rico.

The final round of Miss Universe 2009 was held in the Bahamas from August 3-23, attracting representatives from over 80 countries.

Now that Yen is going home empty handed, I guess Huynh Thanh Tuyen would be our last major representative to place whatever’s left of our hopes onto. Maybe we’ll have a better shot in the Miss Bikini competition anyway…