tim cat vu

Well that’s new. In an interview with Tim Cat Vu for the show “Nhip Cau Nghe Si” Tim reveals some personal facts about himself:

When is your birthday?

– The day that the whole nation is familiar with- September 2nd (VietNam’s National/Independence Day)

What kind of family were you born into?

– I was born to a mother of Indian roots and a father of Northern (VietNam) roots in Saigon. Because my maternal side of the family are foreigners, that has somewhat influenced me and the way I do things (yea, we’re still trying to get the connection too).

As a student, what were your favourite & least favourite subjects?

-My favorite subjects, back then, were Literature & English. The subject I hated most was…. actually, there were too many. *smiles* Probably just the subject called “studying”.

What is your favorite activity?

-It doesn’t matter if I’m sad or happy, when I’m free, I always go to the movies. I love cinematics.

Now for the question that many people have sent us, and also probably many will be interested in. Since when did you first “love” and how many past relationships have you been through up to date? Answer at will.

– Hah, that is a little hard to answer. But since I’m here with you guys, I might as well open up right? So uh.. I first experienced “love” in the 12th grade and up to date, I’ve only been in 2 serious relationships.

Did your parents have any objections when you chose to follow the path of this industry?

– Honestly…because my family’s background is not anything entertainment related–my dad’s a businessman and my mom’s a principal– they didn’t really support me choosing this career at at first. At that time I was still attending an Economics college. Having to chose between my passion & leading a regular life my parents wanted was definitely one of the hardest choices I had to make. But I chose my passion.

Now that you have become a familiar & sucessful name, I’m sure they’re more understanding?

– Right now, my parents are my toughest critics but they’re also my most loyal fans.

Anyway, as a little bonus, here is his newest performance of the digitally released single (also on his Vol 2 album) called “Hoi Tiec/Regret” featuring Leo Rapper on the latest airing of “Loi Chao Tuoi Teen/Teen Greetings.” Enjoy.

And again, sorry for the eye raping quality…there’s really nothing we could do about that.