I mean, the other one next to Luu De Ly.

hoai anh le anh duy

With a fresh face that especially stands out in this year’s Miss Teen VietNam competition, Nguyen Hoai Anh (aka Mango) has already gained much publicity from 1. people who suddenly became fans after recognizing her from a few amateurish photoshoots for some teen mags back then and 2. her latest rumour with Le Hoang Duy, an ex “hotboy.” I say ex because…..well boy’s just not very attractive anymore. In addition, now that he’s gotten a pretty big role in the children’s sitcom “Bo Tu 10a8/The Four of 10a8”  I guess the better term to label him with now is as “the acting noob”  rather than “hotboy” which only reminisces his internet fame days which was greatly due to the fact that he was dating famous singer Phuong Linhs little sister, Phuong Ly, for more than a year until finally calling it quits because of “changes”.


Duy & ex-girlfriend Phuong Ly

So back on topic, rumour has it that these 2 are dating after so many of his online followers have spotted them on the streets of Ha Noi looking much like that of a couple. Most recently, they have been spotted together in the city of Nhà Thờ happily “getting tea”. After being approached by Kenh14, Duy confirms that he and Hoai Anh simply became best  friends since their “getting acquainted” at the casting for “Bo Tu 10a8”. Hoai Anh, on the other, says that Duy thinks of her  only as a little sister because he has helped her a lot before.

In conclusion Luu De Ly‘s toughest competitor might just be this girl with all the sudden publicity & supporters she’s gaining. But then again, if this year’s competition is going to be anything like last year’s, some random darkhorse possibly by the name of Huyen Trang might just grab the title again.