la thang

La Thang Band

Ever since Yahoo!360‘s official closing, many of its loyal bloggers have been searching for new shelter and as popular as Facebook is in VietNam (VietNam had the highest number for the most increased Facebook users this summer), plenty others have found themselves settling down in the world of “Zing Me“– a social networking site similar to Facebook but for Vietnamese users– instead.

Zing Me is becoming a popular trend amongst V-Teens and has quickly been gaining ground with stars such as Minh Hang, Luong Bich Huu, Dong Nhi, Kasim Hoang Vu, M4U, Trinh Thang Binh, La Thang Band,  Khong Tu Quynh, Song Yen, Ong Cao Thang, Dam Vinh Hung, & Takej Minh Huy, just to name a few.

Zing Me let its members update their status, post pictures and upload videos. So what sets Zing Me apart from Y!360 and Facebook? You don’t have to search or memorize your favorite star’s web address. Zing me will provide you with a complete listing of these VIP users free of charge. Bao Thy and Dong Nhi, combined, have nearly 10,000 subscribers and their walls are already endlessly filled with fans’ comments.

Stars also leave adorable statuses thanking fans for their support and admiration. Kio Band and M4U “zinged” their tour schedules while other starlets post pictures and videos of their performances. Hoa Mi even wrote that she’s been busy but PROMISES to reply each and every one of her wall comments from her fans. Feeling stalkerish?

the men

The Men

khong tu quynh zing me

Khong Tu Quynh

lieu anh tuan zing me

Lieu Anh Tuan

uyen trang

Uyen Trang

I think Zing Me owes Vietchannel for this free publicity. 😛