phi nhung

Surprise surprise.

From practically out of the blue, Phi Nhung announces that after 7 long months of work, she is finally done filming for her parts in the 40 episode long drama “Trang su Tran Mong Cat/Trang Su May Mang/The Lucky Lawyer Tran Mong Cat“–a collaboration project between VietNam & mainland China.

The drama, set in the 20’s, will tell the story of a famous Chinese lawyer called Tran Mong Cat who was a witty & benevolent historical figure in China.

In the role of Mộng Phi Phi (a VietNamese girl), Phi Nhung will go to China in search of her father, and on the way, will fall in love with Long bộ đầu, Trần Mộng Cát’s bodyguard after rescuing her from a bunch of bandits.

The drama will air come October in both countries.

Phi Nhung behind the scenes: