dang khoi dan truong

Following the whole Dan Truong vs. Dang Khoi drama since the end of last year, Dang Khoi,  in a recent interview, affirms that there are no arguments or rivalry between him and fellow star Dan Truong, blaming the press for the false rumors…..and blowing things way out of proportion.

– Even after everything that has happened between you and Dan Truong, you still feel that “there is no jealousy between the two of you” Many people believe that you are only putting up a false front, trying to appear noble. What do you think of this?

“Noble” – this word sounds too out of this world. I have no reasons to pretend to be noble simply because I have always lived true to myself and with everyone else. The reality is, being a big star like Dan Truong, why would he hate me? Dan Truong is also very kindhearted therefore there’s no hostility between Dan Truong and I, like rumors claim.

– It has been reported that you said  “everything was made by the press to create conflict.” Then you must have perceived yourself as a big star, for the press to create these rumors?

In my journey and through all the written news articles, readers have never seen anything about me being a self-proclaimed STAR let alone perceiving myself as a big one. My only wish is to be a singer that audiences will love; to have a career as a singer and to contribute to society. Truthfully speaking, I am very happy to have the press’s interest in such a positive way over the years.

I did not and will never say that. Perhaps it’s because of other reasons, the writer could not fully express all of my thoughts and it shocked/upset a lot of people when reading that statement. I, myself, did not pay much attention; there were several reporters called and asked why I responded in that way and I just said there weren’t any problems.

So that’s the truth…?

I don’t want to delve any deeper into this sensitive issue, and I also don’t want people to debate or those close to me to misunderstand. I don’t want to shift the blame on anyone and I did not make that statement “everything was created by the press.” I have always respected all journalists and reporters- they have always helped me build a closer connection with my audience and allowed me to have the success that I have today. Also, I have a friend who is a journalist. No one wants to stab themselves in the back. I hope that anh (brothers) and chi (sister) of the press understand this injustice against me.  I want to confirm once again, “ I love and respect what every anh (brother) and chi (sister) of the press have done to help and have never had any intentions of giving false statement against the press.”

… *A few questions later in still trying to get some bean-spillage from the singer (without much success)* >.<…. Dang Khoi ended the interview with:

Currently I only want to focus all of my effort and energy into upcoming projects from now until the end of the year. I will be releasing a new album “Dang Khoi vol. 7” come the end of September. In November… a DVD video clip, a Karaoke vol. 2 and two liveshows for students and music lovers in Ha Noi & HCMC- as my way of thanking everyone for showing me love and support throughout all these years.