Now, this, I’d like to see. O.O

As a pint-sized Hotgirl turned aspiring Miss Audition 06 (the year that produced Bao Thy & Ngoc Anh–winner) turned supporting actress for “Nhat Ky Vang Anh/Vang Anh’s Diary” turned kindof singer and barely song writer, Van is now probably one of the most recognized young idols in our teen community, although….if you were to ever go around asking “what exactly does this girl do?”, most people probably still wouldn’t have a clue. Nowadays, it  seems like being a “Hotgirl” is practically a whole occupation on its own.  Lol, imagine having that on your job application. But back on topic, it looks like Van is finally getting a chance to reestablish her image as an actress in the upcoming hiphop series “Buoc Nhay Xi Tin/Teen Dance Moves.” Because hip hop is still a relatively new trend in VietNam, this 34 episode long drama will be the first of its kind.

The plot revolves around the continuous battles between 2 break-dancing crews: Brave-Heart, led by Dương, and Dark-Night, led by Nam. Befittingly, Duong and his friends will encounter many difficulties made possible by Nam’s spite & jealousy. With his many connections in the underground world, Nam will try to find all possible ways to sabotage & kick Brave-Heart out of their game, even by means of bribing, hiring gangsters, and kidnapping. But with their strong willpower, Duong and his friends will overcome all of these challenges together, whether it be on the dance floor or in life. Furthermore, Brave-Heart will also participate in many charitable activities with full of loving-kindness to help awaken society, so therefore: BraveHeart–1, DarkNight–0.

Vân Navy as Khánh Đan
Vân Navy as Khánh Đan

Breakdancer Tung Min (from Halley crew) as Dương
Nam & Chi Hoa
Afer joining Brave Heart, Linh (Chi Hoa; right) fell in love with Duong and after some ups and downs, naturally, they become an engaged couple. Nam (played by Tri; left), on the other hand, wants to steal Linh’s heart. Boy do I smell a danceoff.
…to make matters worse , Khánh Đan (Van Navy) will also crush on Duong after joining Brave Heart. Dun dun dun.

And here’s the full trailer: