ho ngoc ha

But the unusual thing is, there were and are no tickets to buy.

Instead, fans were supposed to trade in 5 Sunsilk shampoo/conditioner bottles at any local Sunsilk providers to receive a ticket & and a free T-shirt in return. Only on the first day, 50% of all the tickets available for her first show in HCMC were traded in. Coming from a country who don’t pre-order their tickets online, this is a pretty big accomplishment.

Talk about clever marketing. Sunsilk just won’t waste any opportunities in finding ways to crank up their product sales with a moneycow spokesperson as big as Ho Ngoc Ha, won’t they.



ho ngoc ha


Anyway, tour dates are as follows:

Date Location (NTĐ = Nhà thi đấu) Guest Appearances
27.9.2009 NTĐ Phan Đình Phùng – TP.HCM Đàm Vĩnh Hưng
Đan Trường
30.9.2009 Cung văn hóa Việt – Tiệp, TP.Hải Phòng Đan Trường
Phan Đinh Tùng
02.10.2009 Nhà A3 – TTTL Giảng Võ – Hà Nội Quang Vinh – Phan Đinh Tùng
Phạm Anh Khoa
04.10.2009 NTĐ Phan Chu Trinh – Nha Trang Quang Vinh
Cao Thái Sơn
06.10.2009 NTĐ Đa năng – Đà Nẵng Lam Trường –
Cao Thái Sơn
10.10.2009 NTĐ Đa năng – Cần Thơ Đan Trường
Nguyên Vũ