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What? It’s barely been a month since “Dau Tay’s Story” was leaked and now girl’s ready for another album release?

Must be NewGen in the works again–making a quick save after realizing the huge disappointment they managed to slap onto the market earlier in August. So to make up for it, it seems like NewGen will first be pleasing those fanboys and pedobears. Well, with the recent “mature” Khong Tu Quynh baring plenty of midriff on and off-stage, consider it mission accomplished.

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Fanboys, check
khong tu quynh
Pedobears, check.
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Who’s next?

The album, titled “Try To Up (??)” will see 6 completely new songs, 5 composed by the underground artist OnlyC and 1 in which Tonny Viet wrote specifically just for her. Because this will be Khong Tu Quynh’s first online-only album (anything online-only is usually considered underground in VietNAm), it would only make sense that a real underground artist was featured, and in this case, of course it’s no other than OnlyC–a music forum celeb. Knowing that, maybe her second time around will be a little more decent than the first?

“Try To Up” will be released on the numerically attractive date, 9/9/09.