Since most of us can agree that many good underground songs out there are being put to waste, I figured we should make it a habit of posting/noting some of our deserving favorites. So first off, we have the song that perhaps most people are already familiar with..

1. Em Trong Mat Toi/You In My Eyes – Nguyễn Đức Cường

With the song’s nationwide popularity, I’m not sure if “Em Trong Mat Toi/You In My Eyes” could even really be considered underground anymore, but if not, that’s ok. Nguyen Duc Cuong‘s upbeat acoustic song–“Bất Chợt Một Tình Yêu/An Unexpected Love” is just as equally good. It has that very laidback, all-around-chill feel and maybe it’s just me, but the song seems a little short…. I’ve had it on replay for the past hour minutes and still can’t get enough of it.

2. K – Jaytee ft Emily, Mr. A, & Mr. T

There’s just something very catchy & professional about this song. Because, the beat does not stay the same throughout, I don’t feel myself  getting easily bored with the song as with most other RnB types. And just because I found it funny, I thought I’d share. Apparently the A in Mr. A (according to a conversation I had with him) is supposed to stand for not his name (which also starts with an A), but instead for  “Grade A quality”….which almost instantly, made me think of… NOT Taco Bell. Lol. God forbid he knows that I’m actually talking about him here…

3. Nụ hôn sau màn mưa – Bing Boong (Vu Thanh Hang)

The song Nụ hôn sau màn mưa was actually made famous by the Queen of Covers–Bao Thy,  but let’s admit it, there’s no competition with the original. And actually I couldn’t decide on which one song of hers to pick, so I only settled on the first track of this compilation.

Isn’t her unique voice just too ear appealing?

4. Danh Mat – 2B ft. Bao Thy (originally by Mr. Siro)

Other than it’s sad romantic melody that the Vietnamese mainstream market favors, the other reason why this song became so popular was due to the fact that 2B was caught stealing redhanded from Mr. Siro (Quốc Tuân) who one year ago, was only an unfamiliar underground artist (but of course he’s more widely known now and was even just on tour with The Gioi Vpop this summer). The scandal files that the song “Danh Mat” ,which 2B claimed was written by Thiên An, was actually a carbon copy of the song “Em/You” written by Mr. Siro and his friend Gia Đoàn (now a famous hotboy known as Bim).

And last but not least:

5. Lay Tien Cho Gai – Phong Le


Possibly the greatest thing to hit VietNam in the summer of…well I can’t remember, but it was some summers ago that I visited VietNam and returned memorizing each and every word of the lyrics. For a funny little internet song, noone would really expect it to take VietNam by storm……and surprisingly, it did. I’m not sure about the other cities, but in Nha Trang, you would be able to visit almost any local disc sellers on the streets and they were bound to have a bootlegged copy. I don’t know if Phong Le checks VCWP on a regular basis, but I do know that he is aware of us and well, if you’re reading this: Betcha had no idea you were that big, did you?

So what’s your favorite V-underdog? Do share;)