Actually, more than just rumoured now…

In an interview with Kenh14, famous hotgirl & teen model/actress, Bang Di (Angela Bao Trinh), confirms that  there are feelings between her & Chi Thien (from La Thang band & “Hot Kiss 2“) , but to  call it “love”, she has to think more into it. (Wtf is there to think about? It’s not everyday you get a fish this big.) She then adds that the feelings are still blurry.

So while girl is “thinking more into it,” it seems like this news have outraged the little Chi Thien fangirls, claiming that Angela is only “feeding” this rumour to gain publicity as a singer.  To this, she replies, “I can see where netizens are coming from, but truth is, me & Thien hang out with the same crowd of people and have been good friends for more than a year now. It’s only because recently, I’ve decided to become a singer that people are digging up our old photos again to judge.” Check out the pictures in question below:

Bang Di  & Chi Thien on the far right (from her Facebook)

Bang Di has recently joined Youth Entertainment (partly invested by singer Thuy Tien), along with other teen singers like Noo Phuoc Thinh, Hòa Mi, & Đại Nhân. Although she was just spotted at the H2Teen Concert in Lan Anh performing on the same stage as Ho Ngoc Ha, Dong Nhi/Noo Phuoc Thinh, Wanbi Tuan Anh, Thu Thuy, Pham Anh Khoa, Phuong Vy, etc… her official debut won’t be until September 22 for the The Gioi Vpop show.

Personally, I’m not too big a fan of Youth Entertainment since they still lack the professionalism of producing good and original music, but hey, good luck to her.

As a bonus, here are some photos from a number of magazines/ads she’s done: