mai phuong thuy cai nhau giua duong pho

…the one where she was caught arguing with some man in the middle of the street who apparently “parked his car in the wrong place.” Because the incident seems to have been recorded by a passerby with a cellphone, the quality isn’t too great.

Following this clip which recently has been traveling from forum to forum at lightning speed, netizens are surprised to see such  aggressive/unrefined behaviours coming from our most beloved Miss VietNam. But of course while others are busy at trying to dig up her human flaws, many are still in her defense speculating that maybe it was just a Mai Phuong Thuy look-a-like. Some even think that she might just be filming  for a movie like last year when a clip titled “Mai Phuong Thuy catfighting in the streets” also flooded online forums causing much uproar, but was actually only a behind the scenes footage.

When VTC Online asked the former Miss regarding this matter, Thuy responds:

Thúy mệt lắm, mấy hôm vừa rồi Thúy phải cố gắng tới trường thi và phải sắp xếp một số việc để không vì bệnh mà trễ lịch nên Thúy không có thời gian vào mạng. Thúy sẽ có câu trả lời cụ thể với độc giả báo điện tử VTC News khi Thúy vào mạng xem đoạn clip gây “nghi vấn” kia. Tuy nhiên, Thúy khẳng định là Thúy chưa bao giờ cãi nhau với ai ngoài phố như thế cả.

In short, Thuy said that she has been very tired lately because of school testings and a busy schedule therefore did not have time to get online yet. She will give a full explanation once she has seen this supposedly “scandalous” clip, although affirming that she has never argued with anyone on the streets before.