tinna tinh

It all started with her collapse onstage 2 days before the scheduled filming for her movie “De Mai Tinh/Deal With it To Tomorrow“. 

Following the incident, some bastardly source began spreading false news of Tinna passing out due to AIDS from prostitution. The flabberghasted Tinna denies such absurdities and further proved her innocence by testing negative. But even that was not enough for Chanh Nam Films as they were firm in dropping her from their production to be on the safe side.

Instead, the role of Mai will be taken up by the VietNamese American actress–Kathy Uyen (from Chuyen Tinh Vien Xu/Passport to Love”).

kathy uyen

After this whole sha-bang, Charlie Nguyen–director of the film, commented that this is truly a sad decision and that whoever started the rumour must’ve had cruel & selfish intentions. Nguyen also adds that, hopefully, he’ll get a chance to cooperate with Tinna again.