Khong Tu Quynh, bang di, ho ngoc ha

You knew it was coming (well at least some did), and here it is. Our post about Vpop’s latest trend:  the cat-clawed jeans….Ok, so I made that up, but it really does just look like your average everyday pair of overpriced Urban Outfitter’s skinny jeans… after being attacked by a cat, that is.

Observe the many ways our stars are sporting these jeans…

khong tu quynh (7)

Khong Tu Quynh's addition of a simple dark-plaid long sleeve makes for a casual yet sexy outfit.


bang di

Miss fashiongista, Bang Di, looks more trendy with the white shirt & black vest.

bang di (2)

..but in red, just about one word sums it up: fierce!

ho ngoc ha (2)

Ho Ngoc Ha, like Khong Tu Quynh, also went for casual but like Bang Di, they were both at the same concert (H2Teen in Lan Anh) wearing the same styled jeans. Except with the touch of hightops, woman appears younger & spunkier.

ho ngoc ha

And because I thought they all looked pretty damn hot (therefore you all must think so too, right? coughcough 🙂 ) there shall be no need for a poll. But it’d still be nice to hear everyone’s opinions and such ;).