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So much for “I will never leave A#/La Thang.”

Shortly after Bang Di (Chi Thien‘s rumoured girlfriend) had joined Youth Entertainment to pursue her own singing career, it seems like Chi Thien, himself, have been fueling even more rumours when news of him to also be joining Youth Entertainment was announced and confirmed.

Rumored” girlfriend, huh?

His vs. His stories:

Chi Thien has officially been signed to another music company–Y.E., to launch his own solo career, stating the following explanation: “When you cannot walk comfortably in the same path, then it’s best to say goodbye…”

He adds that the split is not a surprise to Minh Tuan since the two have had disagreements for some time; Talk of disbandment have occurred weeks prior to Thien’s final decision. However, he was only going to publicly announce the split after fulfilling all of La Thang’s scheduled activities and finalizing all details with Minh Tuan.

Apparently, Chi Thien’s initial plans, after leaving La Thang, was to quit singing altogether, but decided otherwise after being told by his 2 close friends, Bang Di and Noo Phuoc Thinh, that he was being too rash and irresponsible with himself & his talents. After much self-reflection, Thien wanted to give himself a chance at happiness and musical freedom and went forth to join them at the Y.E family.

Despite their broken business relationship, Chi Thien believes that he and Tuan will always stay as friends.(psh!)


According to Kenh14, at the last La Thang performance, Chi Thien did not appear as promised with Minh Tuan taking the stage alone for “Nang va Gio/Sunshine and Wind.”

Minh Tuan

Minh Tuan singing "Nang va Gio"

Minh Tuan, on the other hand, was left severely shocked as he was the last to know about the group’s split. (aw!)

It turns out that Tuan had only learned of the split when the music producer had asked him if La Thang was really disbanding, during the duo’s Vol. 4 recording session. Minh Tuan, at the time, laughed it off and reminded the producer that they were recording a new album today. Or so he thought … Minh Tuan was stood up and later received a message from Chi Tien stating “I (Em) have told you before, I (em) have no intentions of singing with you (anh) again.”

Currently, Minh Tuan have asked for some time to collect his thoughts before releasing a final statement about the group’s official split. He would like to thank La Thang’s fans for standing by the group all these years and would like to apologize for this whole ordeal. Despite that, Tang Thanh Ha (“Bong Dung Muon Khoc”) will continue to be the manager for Minh Tuan (founder of La Thang) now that La Thang is no more.

So there we have it ladies & gentlemen, the disbandment of yet another pop group:


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