khong tu quynh

It’s almost as if NewGen had heard our complaints and decided to step up their game. But actually, I’m beginning to understand why our mainstream scene is teeming with the same ol stereotypical, non-substantial love ballad type. Apparently according to my aunt, it’s songs that are slow-tempo, easy to catch on, and still displays vocal (which means none of that techno, computer programmed, hippidy-hoppidy stuff) are usually the better songs to Karaoke too. Now we all know how much VietNam loves their Karaoke. Speaking of which, this is also the reason why Khong Tu Quynh‘s latest album, “Try2up”–featuring underground artist OnlyC, was only released online and introduced as more of an underground project.

Instead of the usual corny “I love/hate/miss you” stuff, Try2up  incorporates more clubbing/techno beats into most of its songs…and let’s face it, modern music like this just isn’t very Karaoke-friendly. For example, in the album’s introduction track titled Try2up, the girl sings exactly one line–“Try to up”–throughout the whole song which was mostly just techno beats. For this, many have criticized it for not even being “music”. Well uh, in the genre’s defense, these musical geniuses must’ve never heard of instrumentals before. But hey, to each his/her own. I, personally, find this style of music more befitting for Khong Tu Quynh since her vocal range is still pretty weak. I mean, at least girl’s improving, right?

Anyway, enjoy:

1. Try2up (behind the scenes)

2. I Cry (composed by Tonny Viet)

3. RnB Buon/Sad RnB (composed by Only C & Kim Ngân)

4. Khuat Xa ft. OnlyC (composed by OnlyC)

5. My Life (composed by OnlyC)

Bonus Tracks:

6. Nho/Miss/Remember – OnlyC (composed by OnlyC)

7. Anh Sang/Light – OnlyC ft. T.I.N (composed by OnlyC)

khong tu quynh