….And although the list is not too agreeable, let’s give Complex a break as they are an American-based magazine/blog, therefore must not have known enough Vietnamese women to chose from–Next time though, Complex, just holler and we’ll hook ya’ll up! Anyway, starting from the bottom of the list:

#9. Actress/singer Hoang Thuy Linh:

#8. Singer Minh Tuyet…….lol….not to sound like a jerk but here’s the real equation: Tang Thanh Ha > Minh Tuyet.

minh tuyet

#7. VietNam’s Miss Universe 08 representative/singer, Nguyen Thuy Lam. I told you, this list sucks…but it’s ok,  it’ll get a “little” better…. As for my number 7, Ho Ngoc Ha anyone?

thuy lam (2)

#6. The stunning Maggie Q–actress from “Live Free Die Hard”, “Mission Impossible”, etc..maggie_q_001_090407

#5. Internet sensation, Tila Tequila. Wow, Tila’s actually higher on the list than Maggie? How’d that happen?

#4. Domestic turned International model turned actress–Bebe Pham. Although Bao Hoa‘s my personal favorite, Bebe’s a good pick too.

bebe pham

#3. Surf Illustrated model, Rebecca Camson. Actually I have no idea who this girl is …nor do I find her attractive at all…. Quynh Thy would be my number 3.


#2. Our tallest Miss VietNam up-to-date, Mai Phuong Thuy:


#1. Singer Nhu Loan…………… she definitely is well endowed in all the right places and would’ve probably made my list too (if I had one) but at number 1? I think Huynh Thanh Tuyen should deserve this honor.

nhu loan

SoOoo, who’s on your list?

To read Complex’s full article, click here.
Kudos to Potboiler Baby for the tip!