That should’ve been somewhat obvious since common sense says that the hot bod & beanie would naturally belong to a dancer…in this case, the sexy back is no other than Bboy Tung Min‘s aka Duong from “Buoc Nhay Xi Tin/Teen Dance Steps”. But then again…..if you’re new to us, then you’re probably going…… le fuck? Welllll meet Tung Min,  from Halley Crew:

tung min

Now that we’re all acquainted, it turns out that there has been some mix-up of information in many online sources, and  the role of Khanh Dan won’t be played by Van Navy afterall; Van will be playing herself, I believe. Instead, the role of the  scheming Khanh Dan, who will fall in love with Duong after joining Brave-heart, will be played by Linh 3b-from Tang Media (Tang Nhat Tue). When Khanh Dan’s feelings are un-returned due to Duong’s romantic relationship with Linh (Chi Hoa), she will also become another obstacle for the Duong–Linh couple.

tung min & linh 3b (2)

(L-R) Linh 3b & Tung Min

tung min & linh 3b

tung min & linh 3b (3)

This 34-episode drama has begun airing since last week (Sept. 5th) and will continue to air every Saturday & Sunday at 2:30 P.M (VN time) on VTV3. To watch it streaming, click here.

In case you don’t find it enjoyable yet, the plot gets better (Tung Min also gets hotter) in episode 3, I swear. And yes, I know ep. 3 isn’t available on Film4vn yet, but it is on Clip.vn…so if you’re just too impatient, then here ya go.