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Apparently the apparel is also now  co-ed.. Unless that’s just Noo Phuoc Thinh‘s stylist being confused then he might just really be wearing a 2 size larger pair of female jeans. In that case, that’s still no surprise–there was a phase back then where  practically half of the population of my male friends decided that sporting their sisters’ skinny jeans were cool >.< , so honestly, been there, done that. What’s new?

noo phuoc thinh

In other news, the other woman also caught on the bangwagon is Maya (Mai Thu Huong), the latest protégé of  businessman and amateur songwriter Ha Dung, the man who has made a name for himself by taking the relatively unknown singers Ho Quynh Huong, Quach An An and Tra My under his wing and turned them into stars.

She has studied pantomime, acted in film, and has been a successful fashion model, but now, the  21-year-old reckons she has found her true calling as a pop singer. After going through professional & vocal training at the Military College of Cultural Art, her big break came when a friend introduced her to the songwriter Huy Tuan, who suggested her stage name “Maya” and would later produce her debut album.

Maya went on to win the Miss Talent title in the Miss Congeniality Vietnam-China contest in 2006 with the song “Mong cho/Waiting” by Tuong Van and got into the final 40 of Vietnam Idol the following year, taking up residence at the Ho Guom Xanh/Green Sword Lake Club in Hanoi.

But Hanoi was too provincial for a girl with ambition so Maya, like Ho Ngoc Ha before her, headed to Ho Chi Minh City, as she had planned to do for some time.

Once settled in the southern metropolis, Maya signed with the agency owned by songwriter Minh Nhien, took singing lessons from the People’s Artist Tran Hieu and refined her dancing with the Hoang Thong troupe.

After months of hard work and dedication, Maya has already cranked up 2 albums and one pop/R&B music video to be released sometime eventually. (source: ThanhNien)

mai thu huong

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with Le Hieu at her showcase on Sept. 13