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Yes, “hotgirls” can make comebacks too.

Usually though, to reestablish a hot-topic’s simmering popularity, some kind of fancy photoshoot will be released via e-news which will quickly circulate to other e-news sources which will then invade the whole VietNamese online community which will…. well that’s pretty much it. At least until the cycle begins again. But for our Miss Audition 07, who finds more interest in music and performing, a new song’s enough. Check it, fresh out the oven…..yo:

I Love You” (composed by Bueno from Joker’s Rule— a self estab. hiphop crew– & mixed by Touliver)

(Note that the song’s title reported on Kenh14, “Luon Yeu” is actually incorrect; this confirmed by Emily’s facebook.)

It’s supposed to be about an adolescent who can’t bring herself to express her love to a crush or something…How very Bao Thy-esque. But uh, no thanks. I’ll  stick to the less-teenybopper songs composed by her boyfriend Touliver (real name Nguyen Hoang).

Anyway, although with her popularity in our VTeen scene, Emily is still only considered an underground pop act, singing songs  composed by her longtime boyfriend with no real intentions of moving to Saigon for a professional singing career. According to Emily, singing is only a hobby and it’s very unlikely that she will take up singing fulltime. “As long as I make enough money to support myself, without having to dependon my parents for money, from the  little shows that I attend here in Hanoi, it’s cool.”

Here are some more songs by Emily written by Touliver from wayy back when:

“Mua Bao/Rainstorm Remix” ft. Young Uno

Perhaps her most famous song, “Mua Bao” was once performed in front of big stars like Dan Truong, Ho Quynh Huong, & Jang Nara during an important event commemorating the 16th anniversary of Vietnam-South Korea’s diplomatic relations.

“Em Khong Can/I Dont Need”

“LaLa” ft. Young Uno

emily huong ly (2)

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emily huong ly