la thang

Things are looking more and more interesting in the recent La Thang‘s split between Minh Tuan and Chi Thien.

Although Minh Tuan still has yet to release a statement regarding the band’s split, he, however, did perform without Chi Thien representing La Thang on September 8th.  After the event, Chi Thien was heavily criticized/bashed, as he did not fulfill his band’s obligations as promised making the him personally plead  his innocence to presses…again . But this time, boy brought evidence- a handful of text messages sent by Minh Tuan and their written contracts.

One of the many text messages:


Translated: Forget it. It’s fine (em). Just go ahead and take care of your business. (Anh) I can hold back or cancel (there’s 2 meaning here) the show. But I (anh) want to advise you on one thing, treat those around you with better care because you still have a bright future ahead. I won’t….

Apparently the day of the September 8th performance, Chi Thien had overslept & missing his run-through scheduled for 11 am to roughly 12 or 1pm.  Thien texted and asked if he should still come since the run-through would be over by that time and received the text above. To his assumptions, the performance would be cancelled. As we know, La Thang performed at the cafe Khong Ten/No Name later that night. Maybe he should have assumed that not need ing to come to the run-through would still required him to be present for the performance… just maybe.

To further prove his innocence of wronging Minh Tuan in anyway, here are pictures of Minh Tuan’s text messages sent to Thien regarding the split and also their contracts.

Minh Tuan's text msg

Translated: (Em) Don’t tell anyone yet that you’re planning to leave the band. It can wait until the band  completes all of its activities. (Anh) I don’t want to attract negative attention. You should collaborate with those who’s willing to work with you and give you a good future.

Contract 1

COntract 2

The contracts show Chi Thien financial contributions to the group’s activities and album 3 costs. According to Kenh14, the contract binds Chi Thien to the band and its activities until November.

To summarize all texts and contracts, Chi Thien wanted to show that he did not live off of Minh Tuan all these years and wronging him by leaving the band unannounced.

So did Minh Tuan know of the split ahead of time? Yes, most likely. But what probably shocked him was that it was announced to everyone that La Thang was OVER on September 9 when they were still recording new materials and carrying out scheduled plans as agreed upon. Gotta work on your communication skills guys, stop texting and start talking!

A “complete” La Thang had held a press conference to meet fans and answered questions on September 10th. Hopefully, Chi Thien was able to reach through and clarify his injustice.

Although from Minh Tuan’s side, silence is golden sometimes. He’s looking like a class act all thanks to Chi Thien’s outbursts.