noo phuoc thinh

So I’m not too crazy about the cover (or really, the song itself), but hey, at least we’ll know that the MV will be hook, line, & sinker to all those little fangirls. Especially with this generation’s market–heavily populated by tweens & teengirls *raises hand*, where anything xi-tin, even to the point of ‘cringe-worthy’ will sell, sometimes the difference between a good & bad song might practically become hard to distinguish. Despite that, I can actually tolerate this kind of “cute”:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Surprisingly, the video’s humor does a decent job of balancing out the childish concept, and so………..we’ll give it 1.5 thumbs up. Not to mention, Mina looks totally adorable.

Anyway, as revealed by Noo, “Gan Ben Em/Stand by Me” was actually not planned for public release at all because of 1.) heavy criticisms over his covering yet another song, and 2) there was a little difficulty in purchasing the copyright. Before the full track was officially available online, the mp3 version was only recorded for fun & for adding to his Ipod. But after his friends heard the track, eventually they convinced him to make it a single. (Some kind of friends they are o.O) So in the end after receiving all legal rights, boy was finally able to launch  the single and all duet plans with fellow company member Thuy Tien, became delayed since. (Not that Dong Nhi’s not a good choice either. )

Check out Noo & Nu’s (Dong Nhi’s nickname) performance of their hit remix, “Neu/If”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.