It turns out the culprit was that Clark creep after all. And the reason for her strangulation seems to not be an urban crime,  a university crime, or a domestic crime…. but rather, described to be ‘workplace violence’ as CNN had put it.

They also said:

Clark worked as a custodian at the laboratory where Le conducted research. One of his duties was cleaning the cages where the experimental rodents lived, an occupation that is likely to have brought him into contact with Le.Friends and neighbours described Clark as an animal lover who lived with his girlfriend. “He was a nice kid, he was a jokester, everybody knew him,” high school friend Lisa Heselin told CNN.

Fox News’ Rick Leventhal says that Clark has just been arraigned in court, and did not enter a plea. One off-camera source said Clark may have killed Annie Le because “she mis-treated the lab mice.” Clark appears to have felt the mice’s cages were too close together and they were not being given proper attention and food and water for their needs, and had complained about this several times.

On the other hand, NYDailyNews had reported the following the other day, before  Clark was confirmed the murderer:

“Ray was very controlling of his girlfriend,” said Anne Marie Goodwin, 40. “He would never let her talk to anyone. I would hear a lot of yelling upstairs.”

Clark – a 2004 graduate of Branford High School, who mostly worked with rodents at Yale – “kept a pit bull caged in his apartment,” Goodwin said.”We could hear the dog crying all day while he was at work. He screamed at my 17-year-old son. It was horrifying.

So what’s the real story?