And why the hell is she everywhere lately??

elly tran

If you’ve been wondering the same thing, then you’re definitely not alone.

It seems like there’s a new hotgirl on the block by the name of Elly whose Z-cups  are sure to give Thuy Top’s double D’s a run for  her money. For all the same reasons that Top has established her fame, the VietNamese press have  been labeling this rising teen model as Thuy Top’s #1 competition  while others simply reference to a Thuy Top Ver. 2. But her fame is not only limited to just the domestic pedobears, as news of  this Elly have  evencrossed borders garnering her attention internationally. From Thailand, to Indonesia, to China, Malaysia, Singapore (?), Brazil, the States, and whereever this is, its almost as if many have been google-translating the girl’s original info just to post onto their sites in hope of up-ing traffic through search results (I guess we’ll be another one in the million).

One blog in particular said:

It seems that the hottest girl in Vietnam at the moment is Elly Tran Ha with her own sexy pictures and scandals (correction: there are none other than those plastic surgery rumuors which I highly doubt  true since her Vong 3 is just as……….voluptuous. Unless people are adamant that a non-flat Asian just defies all laws of physics, then it’s a matter of personal opinions I guess). She is the American version of Tila Tequila – hey wait she is Vietnamese as well… Have to say that the Vietnamese girls entering the stage these last few years are some of the hottest Asian girls around. It seems a lot of young girls are blogging in Vietnam and by posting a few sexy and cute photos online they can become overnight sensations and famous. If you don´t see any postings from us for a few weeks, it is because we are on our way to Vietnam.

While another said:

Big in VietNam

My site has been getting flooded with hits from Vietnam, each of them coming in via a search for ‘Elly.’ When I saw the inundation I started googling around to figure out what was going on. I found out, and it is weird/fascinating and involves saucy photos, so I thought I’d share.Turns out, last year there was a Vietnamese internet HOT GIRL scandal/sensation over a lil’ minx named Thủy Top. One blog refers to her as “Vietnam’s Paris Hilton.” In the wake of her popularity, there has been a wave of Vietnamese “hot girls” who are being sexy on the internet and gaining fame in Vietnam just for being hot. This has caused a bit of scandal and media commentary. And apparently this “Elly”(I think her full name is Elly Tran Ha) is the new thing, stealing Thủy Top’s thunder.Judge for yourself, but I think Thủy Top is hotter. Also, hello Vietnam!!! I have so little to do with you! I’m only here to make your Google results that much more confusing.

It’s actually pretty funny (and weird) realizing that this “hotgirl”  phase in VietNam has gotten this big. So while our neighbors are being recognized for their advancement in technology and the like, we’re still sitting here making stars out of well-endowed bloggers. Now that‘s impressive.

Anyway, while we’re at it, might as well mention her blog & facebook group for all you curious Georges.







So if Elly is really following in the footsteps of her predecessor–Thuy Top, I guess that means we can be expecting her random appearances in many future award shows and movies. Previously also heard the girl has already ventured into the world of Vpop . Well, this should be interesting…


Note to self: become a hotblogger. VietChannel does not count.