Here’s coming from the girl who was practically slapped in the face by reality after it snatched away her brother and grandmother all in the course of 10 days:

“My grandma was already weak for a long time. I study in Ha Noi, so I couldn’t take more care of her. My little brother and mom at home are the ones usually by her side. Every morning, my brother would buy breakfast & bring it to my grandma at the hospital before going to school. That morning, he was crossing a street to buy her food like usual, when a big car going in the wrong direction shot out from nowhere.

When he fell, the people nearby found his phone to contact the family. Because he only keeps my number in his cellphone and not our parent’s, I was the first to receive this blow. I was asleep when I got the call saying that my brother was in an accident & was badly injured. I couldn’t believe my ears. After realizing what had just happened, I called my parents right away…and then rushed home. Every 5 minutes, I called home to check if he was ok. At that time, they didn’t want to tell me the real situation, afraid that I’d be in too much shock, so they kept saying he was fine, nothing’s wrong, and just get home safely. Everything in me felt like it was burning. When I finally arrived, he was in a coma. A few hours later, he left…while I stood watching not knowing what to do.

My brother & I were very close because  our age gap was small (Mai Chi’s a 90-er and her brother’s a 92-er). He tells me everything  that’s too awkward to tell my parents.  But I am still mature & strict with him, so we don’t spoil him. He was higgledy piggledy, always calling me Ugly. But on the day of the funeral, his teacher & friends came, they said that everywhere he went, he would compliment me, saying I was nice, smart…, and in realizing how much he looked up to me, I broke down crying. 10 days after my brother’s death, my grandma also left. All the pain just kept piling on. Especially for my mother, she was too shocked and became unstable. That’s when I could only be strong to help my parents up again because they only have me left.

When I got home, I didn’t tell anyone because it was too sudden & I wasn’t thinking too clearly to talk to anyone anyway. Everyone in the filming crew and my teachers & friends at school, none knew. It was when my teacher noticed that I was missing for so long that he called me & I told him. Everyone at school was very understanding and all the Chi’s & Anh’s on the set were very comforting. They even came to the funeral. I’d like to express my gratitude to them for supporting me.

2 weeks after the funeral, I returned to HaNoi because I couldn’t take too long of a break from school and my role in “Tran Thu Do” was filming soon (Wow, now I’d HAVE to see the drama). What has happened in the past fews weeks have greatly affected me mentally and physically, but after a week, I am much more stable now. This weekend, I’m going home to visit my mom because, right now, she is the one that needs the most support . Usually, I’m ok, but when I am by myself or when someone brings it up again, tears just involuntarily roll down. But I also understand that I can’t drown in my sorrows forever & will have to live well/be strong for my parents.”

Aw, we wish her all the best!