..and don’t mind the heavier metal kind, then definitely check out Unlimited–a rock sensation who recently have been gaining even more ground with younger audiences in our scene of rock music today.

As quoted from the band’s front man, Pham Viet Thanh, “rock is a mature form of music and should be recognized as such…. We don’€™t want to cover other people’s songs like typical pop bands….Rock is about passion, creativity and sometimes you need to break the rules,We want nothing more but for people to accept rock as a legitimate form of music.€”Talk about rockin’ for respect.

Pham Viet Thanh’€™s father, famous music producer Pham Viet Tan, had encouraged his son to play piano as a child. Exhibiting extraordinary talent at a young age, Thanh was already studying at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music by the time he was just 16.yeah1-hotmusic-article(21)

It was there (in 2003) that he and his friends first came up with the idea of starting their own rock band. They have been playing rock and heavy metal since they were teenagers but Thanh says that he has never forgotten his background and that as strange as it may sound, “power metal and classical music share the same rigor for harmony and composition.”

Asked about his music specifically, Thanh describes Unlimited as, well, “€œunlimited,” of course.

“€œIt’€™s all about what we like,” he says.

More specifically, Thanh says that the band’s inspiration came from legendary metal acts including Metallica, Stratovarious and Dream Theater.yeah1-hotmusic-article(3)

Apart from singing with Unlimited, Thanh is also known as a successful arranger with several local music projects at his father’s recording studio (Viet Tan) & had won Best Musical Arrangement at the Canh Dieu Vang/Golden Kite National Film Awards earlier this year for his work in the box office smash “Giai Cuu Than Chet/Hot kiss 2”.

Most of Unlimited’s demos and LPs have been produced at Viet Tan, where Thanh enjoys ultimate creative freedom. “Other recording studios in HCMC only work with pop music, They don’t understand rock and don’t even no how to record drums,” Thanh says. “That’€™s why the band’s first full length album, the 2007 release “Tai sinh/Reborn”, was recorded at his home studio. Thanh also arranged most of the music for the album, which was one of the year’s biggest domestic hits. (Source: not sure/LookAtVietNam)

Su Song/Living

Con Duong Anh Sang/ A Lit Road (Nothing like incorporating an actual orchestra into their music to give the genre itself a new classical twist)

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