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And of course, denied news of giving Tinna the boot from his movie “De Mai Tinh/Deal With it Tomorrow” over HIV rumours.

About replacing Tinna, I saw many newspapers mentioning this, and Tinna has also  accepted interviews. I am not too clear about that but I do see that there are a lot of misunderstandings.

At first, I choose Tinna for this role as Mai in the movie because her acting was good & perfectly matched the requirements. But then I became worried after realizing that she was often sick. Two or three weeks before filming, Tinna’s health was already very weak. Two days before filming, I was even more surprised that Tinna suddenly collapsed while performing on stage.

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Filming is very rigorous & requires a lot of strength, but Tinna couldn’t even perform for one night, how can  she work 15,16 hours a day for 6 consecutive weeks? If we are working too extreme, Tinna’s health becomes a big concern. On the other hand, Tinna being sick also hinders the rest of the filming crew of nearly 100 people.

So at that time, I had discussed with the crew that Tinna just doesn’t have the physical well-being to continue, and therefore  should find another alternative. To cancel shooting for a few weeks, Tinna did feel bad for the rest of the crew but the crew was already facing many difficulties to begin with.

When Dan Tri raised the contradiction made when the production claims that Tinna was dropped for her health while Tinna, herself, revealed that she was dropped over HIV rumours,  Dustin expresses his disappointment  in her answer. “That was not the reason for her discharge.”

I have heard Tinna say, herself, that those HIV rumors were already from a few years back. When I had heard this, I told Tinna that with such rumours, you had to find ways to protect yourself from the public eye. I suggested that she go get tested so that the producer would have evidence against this malicious source. Tinna agreed, and indeed nothing was wrong.

Anh Vincent Ngô & Charlie Nguyễn have also talked to & comforted Tinna. Tinna might get the impression that I don’t care about her, but actually, my responsibilities in this movie are too heavy; I have to do many things. The film is like a running car & I am the driver, I can’t just just stop to do other things. After the movie, when I return to Saigon, I will get a chance to sit down &  talk with Tina.


Kathy Uyen, Tinna's replacement, & Dustin Nguyen in "De Mai Tinh" (ooh, Dustin. You are just looking all kinds of 'unattractive' here in contrast to pretty miss Kathy)

charlie nguyen

Director Charlie Nguyen, himself, will play the role that was actually first intended for model-turned-actor Binh Minh

Apparently, big ole Mister Binh Minh was also dropped for health problems. Coincident? o.O

dustin nguyen

Dustin in a "hot" scene

Due to these replacements, minor revisions have been made upon the movie’s original script to fit with the new characters.