Did anyone else notice that since the debut of the music show “Hoa Nhip Ban Tre/Connecting Young People”, only female singers (Minh Hang, Thu Thuy, Thuy Tien, & Thu Minh) have been honored with the duties of meeting, greeting, & dueting with their respective foreign guests? Well, it looks like  on this month’s airing, we’ll finally be seeing something new (kindof)–Wanbi will be paired up with Filipino rock singer, Nicole Asensio.

wanbi Nicole Asensio

These 2 will be performing the English version of Wanbi’s self-composed hit single “Cho Em/Waiting for You” originally featuring Thuy Chi.

But because Thuy Chi is a Hanoi-based singer whereas Wanbi is Saigon-based, there were no performances of them together (at least none that we are aware of ). Instead, here’s the song featuring Dong Nhi.

Their choice for a ballad song is definitely questionable since…isn’t our guest supposed to be a rock singer? I mean, the girl even revealed that she was very much so interested in entering the V-rock scene. What better way to showcase this interest than by making her & Wanbi duet to a good ole ballad right?  Unless they were planning to remix it like they did with his & Toc Tien’s version of “Tinh Yeu Toi Hat“…then I guess that would be more appropriate for this special stage performance. But even so, it will have to take a lot to remix a “Cho Em”  version on par with “Tinh Yeu Toi Hat”:

Whatever the producers are planning to do, let’s just hope this special stage performance doesn’t become yet another fail.

This month’s episode, themed “Chào nắng mới/Greeting the New Sunshine”, will air Sept. 26.

Other guests include Thanh Ngọc, Yến Trang, Hiền Thục, Đăng Khôi, etc.