Initially as one of Saigon’s most famous & talented hotgirls, Midu is another one in the bunch that has finally crossed over into the entertainment industry. From costarring in the teen series “Nhung Thien Than Ao Trang/White Shirted Angels”, to actually starring  in Trieu Hoang’s MV, and even to testing her vocals right alongside pop idol Ngo Kien Huy, the girl is no doubt  one of the most mentioned teen names today. But what’s this with her looking like a hobo recently?

midu (4)

Well of course it’s for TV. It always is.

In the newest TV series called “Cô Nàng Tóc Rối/Tangled-Hair Lady“, Midu will play Bông Sen, the daughter of an upper class family, who, by some afflicted chance, was kicked out and must now wander the streets by herself.

Because of a certain painful memory from her childhood, Bong Sen is also especially wary of men. But as nature takes its course, things begin to change when the scarred loner finally meets her “special someone”, who in this case happens to be a psychologist. Ironically, by some cruel & twisted fate, this wonderful man whom she has married turns out to be the same person who had left her victimized & scarred in the past (apparently it was rape or something).

This 110-episode-long VietNamese adaption of the foreign telenova “Delia Fiallo” have only previously begun shooting, and will feature other stars like MC Tuấn Tú, Miss plastic-not-so-fantastic Phi Thanh Vân, endorsement princess & famous teen actress Tường Vi, Don’t Turn Around When in Love‘s leading man Thanh Thức, supermodel Ngọc Quyên (from “Co Le Nao Ta Yeu Nhau/Maybe We Love Each Other”), Quốc Cường, Ốc Thanh Vân, Xuân Lan, Trịnh Kim Chi ..etc

The series by director Nguyễn Minh Chung is predicted to air June 2010.