In case you weren’t already aware of Dan Truong’s many nicknames, the answer was “all of the above”.

The picture above was snapped this morning (last night in VietNam) at the kickoff concert in HCMC for Ho Ngoc Ha‘s “Va Em Da Yeu/And I Have Loved” liveshow tour. Although Ho Ngoc Ha, herself, pulled off a smooth show, too bad the same can’t be said for her guest friend, Dan Truong.

Unaware of how the stage behind him was changing while performing “Lời xin lỗi/Apologies”, and after taking a few steps back, the singer then proceeded to fall straight into a little trapdoor/rising platform thing. And that was  exactly how it went down. Literally…

dan truong (3)

Of course the bad luck didn’t end there. With more than enough years of experience on stage, the man, like a gopher, popped right back out of the hole and on with the show it was. But this time around, all eyes seemed to have shifted onto his golden tush instead….(refer to the first picture)

Anyway, here are some more photos from the night:



dan truong (2)


dan truong

No Pants


Dam Vinh Hung

You can also catch the rest of Ho Ngoc Ha‘s “Va Em Da Yeu” concerts LIVE on the official website of Sunsilk. Just refer to the countdown (on the left) and click on “Xem Truc Tiep, Liveshow…”