And boy are they hilarious. Check it out:

“Snow White’s Diary” is a romantic comedy about the adventures of an extra tanned girl who, one day, was knocked unconscious by a book, loses her memory and is convinced that she really is  Snow White  while being escorted by her prince and the 7 Dwarves in search for a treasure …On this journey, many hilarious situations will  trail closely behind (like the fact that Snow White thinks she can sing when in actuality, the girl only sounds like ‘bad-karaoke’.)

As tradition also has it–with every princess must come a prince charming, and so as the culprit who had initially caused Snow White’s memory loss, the poor-not-so-bright-money-hungry-slacker-of-a-student, Hoang (Vinh Thuy), suddenly & unexpectedly finds himself promoted into a prince.

nhat ky bach tuyet (9)

Along with the already many aliases here is another handful otherwise known as the 7 scheming dwarves:

Kungfu Dwarf (Mi Ni shorty)DSC-1252

L-R: Mỏ-dồ (pun for Model) Dwarf (Bạch Long), Filming Dwarf (comedian Tấn Beo), Hiphop Dwarf (Bé Minh Thi)1253331951lunquayphimtanbeo5

Bodyguard dwarf (comedian  Trung Dân)images1856722_DSC_1397

The nanny/Nanny dwarf (Trịnh Kim Chi)nhat ky bach tuyet (6)

Librarian Dwarf (comedian Minh Nhí)t226454

Snow White’s suitorsnhat ky bach tuyet

Snow White (Truong Tri Truc Diem)’s HouseDSC-0434

Hoang (Vinh Thuy)’s houseHKF0203

For more pictures, visit the film’s official website. And just a heads up, don’t let the page’s 1st person point of view confuse you too much. The whole blog was meant to mirror Snow White’s own personal diary…except in the layout of a blog.

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