Not only is  her newly released song called Bao Dem Em Khoc/Each Night I Cry“, but as it was told, the girl also actually did cry when listening to her own demo. So was it really that sad?

No, not really. Or at least I didn’t think so. From just the demo, the only emotion I came across was “indifference.” As in, “Dang, another sad ballad in mainstream.” What is this, the 100th one this week?

But then I heard the full track, released yesterday, and well, it was just as I expected.

Nothing too special. Her “Ngoi Nha Hoa Hong/House of Roses” duet with Quang Vinh at least managed to give me chills. “Bao Dem Em Khoc” was just :|. And that was it.

The song, composed by Nhat Trung (president of the infamous Thien Thi Entertainment), will be one of the many singles to be later released and compiled under a collaborative album project called Top Download Series.1, which will feature a  number of other popular singers.

In other news, the Queen of Covers is also currently stirring up her 2nd album. But who cares. What we do care about though, is that the album will actually be “100% Made in VietNam”. Ok, more like 99% since there will be 1 cover, but hey, change is a gradual process. We’re satisfied enough.