It’s that time of the year again, and these 2 are already out and about spending time with the kids. And I mean really, what’s Tet Trung Thu (Mid-Autumn Festival) without those little kids in your neighborhood and their handmade canterns (it was usually just a can tied to a string with a candle inside) running up and down the street singing that Tet Trung Thu song? Or for the ones not in VietNam, what’s Tet Trung Thu without visiting your local temple just to get a few free treat bags and gorging down a good ole 1000-calorie-per-serving Moon cake? (That would be 3000 calories I just consumed in the past 1 hour. FML)

Anyway, here’s Khong Tu Quynh celebrating Early Tet Trung Thu with a bunch of youngin’s for some Hoa Hoc Tro (a student/teen magazine) program.

Miss Mai Phuong Thuy on the other hand, visited the children’s hospital for HIV infected patients with plenty of gifts & songs.