As you all may know, the big weekend is indeed coming up and while many of us are here in the States drowned in school & work, everyone else in VietNam is finally kicking back for some Festival Fun. Of course, that applies to our stars as well. Check out Lap Trinh Cho Trai Tim/Programming the Heart’s leading actress–Quynh Nga–giving Chi Thien  & Thien Minh a little taste of what Tet Trung Thu is like in her home town, HaNoi.

quynh nga chi thien thien minh

chi thien thien minh

chi thien

quynh nga (2)

But the boys’ trip to Hanoi was not simply just for kicks. Apparently there will also be some big Tet Trung Thu Music Festival event held in HaNoi this weekend in which many more stars will also take part in.