my tam

With a disaster as big as this, surely we all can count on My Tam & her charity organization–My Tam Foundations–to lend a helping hand.

The popstar first expresses that she had just returned from checking up on the Central region’s post-typhoon condition, and felt extremely bad after catching sight of the area’s disastrous aftermath. “I felt suffocated after witnessing what had happened to the city; there’s so much that needs to be done. I couldn’t explain why the tears just kept rolling down.”

She adds, “The happiness of awarding scholarships to the students (in Da Nang-a Central city) have not even fully soaked in yet, and here I am the next minute, painstakingly devastated to face the region practically destroyed.”

It is revealed that the My Tam Foundation has donated 50 million VND (approx.  2800 USD) to buy 20,000 packs of ramen & water for victims in the area.


My Tam's package of donation

As her last few words of encouragement, My Tam hopes that everyone will  be able to contribute in some way as well as help spread the following message: Miền Trung cố lên!