binh minh

Not only that, but we also get to see comedian Hoai Linh‘s identity crisis gone underway again. Sounds like one hell of a show right?


Actually, I wouldn’t know since I wasn’t there, but judging from these pictures,  it looks like Chi Tu (Cam Ly‘s nickname meaning 4th sister, technically 3rd, since firstborns are always called 2nd)  had put on a very  effective show. From having guest stars like Hoai Linh cross dressing in an Áo tứ thân (a traditional 4 piece dress) to supermodel-turned-actor Binh Minh completely topless, to Hong Van just being there at all, and of course to Chi Tu bringing back her lovely Ao Ba Ba look, the show definitely seemed interesting. Check out the pictures below:


famous comedian Hoai Linh in an Ao Tu Than

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Hong Van & Binh Minh in a skit

Just a side thought, but did Chanh Nam Films really drop Binh Minh from “De Mai Tinh/Deal With it Tomorrow” over  *coughcough*health issues? The man is looking as big, buff, & healthy as ever.


"Ru lại câu hò" with Hương Lan(left)


Hong Van & Cam Ly sporting Ao Ba Ba's


Cam Ly is beautiful in the traditional Ao Tu Than

Singer/composer Phuong Uyen (leader of the old girlgroup 3 Con Meo/3 Cats & my personal favorite member)


The show called “Tự tình quê hương” roughly translated as “Country Pride” was held October 1st to celebrate Cam Ly’s 15th anniversary of being in the industry.