And that is all we know of that.


With Dong Nhi‘s past reputation for being the Queen of Tardies, though, I wouldn’t mark my calendar just yet. The anticipated first album of the girl who had apparently turned Vpop upside-down with her debut hit single “Khoc” has continuously been delayed ever since the eve of last year and although is now revealed¬† (via ZingMe) to be coming at the end of this month, what are the chances of everyone being disappointed again? All I have to say now is: Girl, get on it!

Dong Nhi is also currently in HaNoi with Noo Phuoc Thinh for the H2Teen Tet Trung Thu concert. And like every other star before her, a few photos of the celeb going Tet Trung Thu shopping seems to be mandatory:



Happy Tet Trung Thu to all you VietChannel-ers!