From what we’re seeing, so far, with the little production stills here and there, the movie’s general atmosphere is much more murky than that of  “Nhat Ky Bach Tuyet/Diary of Snow White” (also invested & produced by the same companies to both be released come the season of Tet). Though solemn  and somewhat enigmatic, there still seems to be a strong presence of passion (the cryptic kind one usually sees in horror movies) coming from these teasers.

Overall, we’re pretty much expecting something along the lines of  Nu Hon Than Chet/Hot Kiss 1 minus the comedy and plus the ghostly ambiance. Check out the pictures below:

Ngan Khanh plays the role of Nguyen Xuan, a young beautiful dancer who accepts an invitation from a wealthy old couple to become the personal entertainer in their bar .

Though treated to the high-life at their sumptuous villa, Xuan begins to feel more and more uncomfortable with each glance at the couple’s piercing eyes.

Convinced she is being haunted by a ghost, she plans to run away, but then falls in love with a saxophonist, played by Thanh Thuc, who is also hired to entertain there.

The pair become an inseparable duo… until Xuan finds out that her lover may not be as “alive” as she thought.