Hm, could this possibly be Khong Tu Quynh-inspired?

noo phuoc thinh

In an interview with 2!Sao, the boy reveals that sometime in November, he & co. will finally be releasing a CD which will also make use of Vpop’s emerging underground genre. With this, I’m sure we could just expect the songs to fall under the normal modern pop category that the majority of Saigon’s music market tend to avoid. Whether the CD will also be released on an actual disc or simply just online is also still unclear.

Oddly enough, the boy also mentioned another plan for an “album” which seems to be completely unrelated to the  underground “CD”. Though famed for his “Mat Em” cover, this album will only include his own songs and not a single foreign cover. So this must be where we give him a pat on the back.

Anyway, check out his latest digital single, “Gio/Wind” composed by fellow Youth Ent. member–Thuy Tien: