yeah1 tonny viet

Apparently, the young composer/dancer/singer is also now the one and only exclusive artist for the most popular teen  forum in VietNam–Yeah1 (a multi-media brand established by Super Star Media Inc.). I bet you’re also wondering “Since when did Yeah1 become a management company?” Yea, well…beats us. For some reason, Yeah1 have still kept this news rather on the DL and it was not until recently, in a random “Teen model casting” post that this little bit of info was revealed–and in a very matter-of-factly tone at that. But anyway, am I the only one who found this completely random and was totally caught off guard?

So… I guess that means we’ll actually be hearing more of the boy soon?

Check out some of his work:

Mua Luna ft. OnlyC

Lanh ver. 2 ft. Khong Tu Quynh

I Cry – Khong Tu Quynh

Danh Quen ft. Truc Duy