Yes, that’s right. Vpop’s most famous underground/online band, M4U, is no longer the same 4 (technically 5) members we have come to know & love.

thuy chi m4u

M4U (Music for you), established in the fall of 2007, originally consisted of 5 members: Minh Vuong (group leader), Manh Ninh, Viet Phuong, Manh Duy, and Huy Vu .

Their self-established fame began in February 2008 when the group released their first hit song called “Xe dap/Bicycle” via the world wide web.  Up to date, M4U has had plenty of well-known hits such as “Mưa/Rain”, “Mưa trên phố bay xa/City Rain Flies Far (?)”, “Tan biến/Dissapear”, “Phía Cuối Con Đường/At the End of the Road”…

However, it was recently reported that 2 of the members,  Huy Vu & Viet Phuong, have dropped out due their busy daily schedule. Although no longer singing, the 2 will continue to support the rest of the group & 8xstudio (a small studio created by the M4U and a number of other teen singers in HaNoi, I believe) from behind the scenes.

m4u (2)
L-R: Minh Vương, Việt Phương, Đinh Mạnh Ninh, Mạnh Duy. (Huy Vu is not in picture since he doesn’t participate in live activities with the rest of the group…I think)

The only ones left are Minh Vương(leader), Đinh Mạnh Ninh (winner of best student voice 08), & Mạnh Duy

But with the parting of 2 members, M4u will also be welcoming one new member– a student from Hanoi’s  Institute Music & protege of the musician Trong Tan. The mysterious new member was also praised by the group, itself, as  having an even better quality voice/range than Manh Duy (apparently the group’s best vocals). The singer’s identity will be revealed today at an M4U mini show located it the bar Làn Sóng Xanh, 6A Temple Bộc, Hà Nội.

Check out the new group’s release featuring Thuy Chi also known as the teen diva of underground music.

And while we’re at it, check out 8xstudio‘s family collaboration for Tet Trung Thu 08, too:

PS: Thuy Chi says Happy Tet Trung Thu!

thuy chi