AND will be getting married verrrry soon.


You know what that means?

We are now officially on “united-heartbroken-Thanh-Tuyen-male-and-maybe-even-female-fans alert”.

Originally from a rumoured source, it was said that the supermodel will be getting hitched to someone also in the entertainment industry, this October 18th at the Park Hyatt Hotel (HCMC).

After being unable to contact the supermodel, herself, Kenh14 took it upon themselves to continue cracking down on the facts and as some luck was bestowed on them, Tuyen’s older brother, Quốc Anh, was the next best thing. Anh confirms that the rumours are indeed true and that the reason none of the presses were able to reach her is because Tuyen is currently in Europe with the future hubbie doing some wedding-preparations (shopping I’d bet).

Big bro also revealed that the wedding, in 3 weeks, will be a kind of private one, inviting close friends and family only.

Despite that, I’m sure we can still count on a few A-listers to be attending. Like….coughcoughVinh Thuy for one.  Speaking of which, this somewhat-of-a-shotgun wedding appears to have suddenly cleared up all previous Vinh Thuy–Thanh Tuyen rumours that were circulating around since “friendly” pictures of their  little trip to Singapore was released online. Anyone else dissapointed?


Thanh Tuyen & Vinh Thuy (far right) in Singapore for a photoshoot

Kudos to Meadow for the tip.