chi thien hoang tu lai

And I’m not talking about his hair roots either, which, by the way, could also use some touchups .

As we’ve reported before with La Thang‘s sudden split, it looks like both ex-members are already off to a decent start. Chi Thien, for one, did, by recreating himself a new image. Technically, he looks the same…it’s just the name/reference that has been changed. No longer pursuing his Giai Cuu Than Chet/Hot Kiss 2 days of fame, this angel of death (his role in Hot Kiss 2) now only wants you to call him “Hoang Tu Lai/Mixed Prince”  (Chi Thien is  part Thai–who would’ve known?)…………… Uh, well. That’s very cute and all but I think I’ll pass, thank you.

chi thien hoang tu lai 4

Anyway, as if the whole “Chi Thien vs. Minh Tuan” deal wasn’t  already enough of a controversial kick-off to his  solo career, now, even his debut song is garnering some ‘talk’. Talk of plagiarizing Noo Phuoc Thinh’s “Neu/If”, to be more exact. Yea really. Again?

Mot Lan Thoi/Only Once – Chi Thien

Neu/If – Noo Phuoc Thinh ft. Dong Nhi

But wait, before anyone starts pointing fingers, what most people seem to be totally unaware of is the fact that these two  songs were both composed by the same guy named Phúc Trường. So if it was anyone’s fault at all, just blame the composer for slacking and recycling his own work. 🙂

With that said, it also turns out that he did NOT sign to Y.E. (Youth Entertainment), as said in Kenh14, nor was he swayed by the rumored girlfriend, Bang Di, to join the company–this confirmed by Thien, himself, in an interview with 2!Sao . Currently, the boy is just a lone singer, managed by a group of close friends in the business.