And the #1 spot goes to Tang Thanh Ha and her poofy sleeves?


Always dressed to impress, that #1 spot couldn’t have gone to a better person. But god forbid, not in that. Even if every single female star out there was to sport this piece, I still don’t think I would ever be able to get used to the sight. It was “Eh :/” the first time Thanh Hang wore it (although I do admit, that color is absolutely stunning on her). Then it was strange the second time Hoang Yen sported it at Miss Universe. And now it’s just wierd…

Picnik collage

L-R: Thanh Hang giving out an award in HaNoi in March, Hoang yen at a Miss Universe 09 parade int he Bahamas (summer), Tang Thanh Ha attending a party on Sept. 7th.

Dan Truong comes in 2nd with his clean cut & most impressive suit. Even if the man’s choices in suits aren’t always as flattering in the past, he’s definitely on VietChannel’s list for most improved dresser.


Sept 12, Nhip Dieu Teen

Third, we have Maya–a highly anticipated new singer with a “diva-bound” background– and her corset tank complete with the ever popular cat clawed jeans.

Maya at her debut showcase on Sept. 13

And then there was Hien Thuc with her horrendous, shapeless & saggy jumpsuit. What the heck is it doing on this list?

hien thuc

At the big H2T Concert 2009 on Sept. 5

Coming in 5th is also another singer from the same H2Teen Concert: Noo Phuoc Thinh pulling an all white “prince charming” look for the hit duet “Neu” with Dong Nhi.

noo phuoc thinh

Well of course, Khong Tu Quynh‘s new mid-rift bearing, fanboy-pleasing image, or as NewGen likes to call it–“Echic Boi”,  made the list.

khong tu quynh

KTQ's new "Echic Boi" image was created to suit her online album "Try2up" marking the maturity of her "Co Be Dau Tay/Strawberry Girl" debut image.

Yet another one from the H2Teen Concert in Lan Anh… but by the name of Lieu Anh Tuan. All I have to say for this ex-La Thang member is that the man just looks “right” in anything. Unlike other stars who dress just to impress, Lieu actually dresses to leave a lasting impact on his audiences. So like I’ve said before, the man looks “right” in anything because no matter how avant-garde his image may get sometimes, at least we’ll know that it’s completely intentional. Like really…Red gloves and goggles?…… Only Lieu.

lieu anh tuan