The show, taking place at the National Convention Centre on the evening of October 7, not only attracted  many stars, but following the event, also headlined many juicy stories as well…like the fact that our Bong Dung Muon Khoc/Suddenly I Want to Cry‘s leading actress, Tang Thanh Ha, was rumoured to have been  escorted by a secret boyfriend…?

tang thanh ha ban trai

Woah now.

Though, true that the lovely lady did come arm in arm with this very refined-looking gentleman, rumours are still just  rumours, so for all we know, this currently unidentifiable fella could end up being just a hot cousin or something. The possibilities are endless. You be the judge of it:

tang thanh ha


As for the real show, here are some pictures from the event featuring the night’s big entertainers:

paul freeman in vietnam

Paul Freeman


Thuy Van (lefT) & Ngoc Oanh (2nd to left)


Boys Like Girls & Ngoc Oanh


Lenka & Brian McFadden (ex Westlife member)


Boys Like Girls opened the show with two songs:  “Thunder ” and “The great escape”.
BLG’s lead singer – Martin Johnson.

Paul Freeman played guitar and sang Against the ropes, Tightropes, Earthquakes, Long way to the city and That’s how it is.

With a V-fan.
Lenka performed “Trouble is a friend”, “Knock Knock” and “We will not grow old”.
“Don’t let me fall” and “The show”.
A performance by MC D and DJ Kruise.
Paul Freeman and Lenka performed “Come together”.
Brian Mc Fadden (from Westlife) appeared with a Vietnamese non la.
Brian Mc Fadden and supermodel Phuong Mai.
“Flying without wings”, a popular song by Westlife.
All artists joined the finale

Photo courtesy of VietNamNet