REALLY, Tim? Really??

tim cat vu & nhat trung

After all of this, and this, and this, who would’ve ever thought that these 2 would end up making amends in some random little cafe? Not that I was encouraging the lawsuit, but jeeze, if they were going to unnecessarily drag this case out for so long, at least end it with some fireworks or something. Coffee and a handshake just doesn’t cut it.

It was recently revealed by musician Nhat Trung, founder of Thien Thi Corp, that the conflict between  him and Tim was finally resolved over a little talk. The previous existing contract with Tim as their exclusive artist will be liquidated, and afterwards, both will sign a newer edited version of the contract. One specific term will be added clarifying that Thien Thi will only support Tim in terms of expertise and introducing shows. Tim on the other hand will still be able to stay with his other self-established company (the one that produced his latest “Face to Face” album). Furthermore, Tim will continue to stay as “Tim” while the other Tim (Huynh Cong Tam) will be going by a new  stage name since, from the very beginning, Cong Tam didn’t think it suited him anyways.

Currently, Tim & Thien Thi. are in the process of producing a new single to mark his return. The special thing about this plan is that with every bought single, fans will receive a free “Face to Face”  album. And if they happen to have already bought the album back when it was released some months ago, Thien Thi will instead give that person a free single.

So with everything seemingly in Tim’s favor, what exactly is Thien Thi trying to get out of this? We’re just a little lost.