In the act of filming for his new DVD single that is. What’d you think it was o.O?

Check out the new demo for Can Gac Trong/An Empty Room (or Attic).

Actually, it’s not bad. Compared to his horrible last album, we might just give this a shot.

From what I’m hearing in the demo and what I’m seeing in the teaser shots, the MV(s) seems like it’ll be pretty chill and laid back (at least until someone gets dumped or dies). For the most part, we’ll be anticipating this release, mainly because everything will be in HD quality. The iffy part about this though is that 1. everything will be on Blueray discs, and I, for one, absolutely hate Blueray discs since they’re only compatible with Blueray players and 2.  the single will hit shelves at a premium of of 250,000 VND (14 USD). Now that might not seem like a lot in foreign currencies, but in VietNam, guys, that’s practically an arm and a leg. Let’s hope the man knows what he’s doing….