zing top

Let’s face it. As much Antis as the girl has out there, her FC is still one of the most influential in Vpop. And believe it or not, following the wrapup of her Lenka drama (working on it…. we swear), the girl gained just as many strong supporters as she gained haters. Our only explanation for this phenomena is: it’s all science.  Please refer to Newton’s famous Action-Reaction Law. (I am such a fucking nerd.)

So anyway, here’s “Bao Dem Em Khoc/Each Night I Cry” at #1.

Chuyen Tinh Duoi Mua/A Love Story Under the Rain” tails close in second after topping the chart last week at #1.

Khuat Xa”  Well what d’ya know.. Khong Tu Quynh‘s  new tech-y music style was actually accepted despite  excessive bash comments coming from outraged fans who probably have never listened to anything not ballad-like before. Do we smell a  revolution?

Noi Nho Dong Bang/Memories Turn into Ice“, Honestly, this song is just not my cup of tea. Kio Band‘s vocals are pretty good, but Be Xuan Mai‘s strange childish voice, on the other hand, totally threw the whole song off. It’s not just that she still sounds like a little kid, but also the fact that her accent is painful to listen to. It almost makes Wanbi’s little sister sound decent….

Neu/If” – How many times have we posted this same performance on VietChannel this past week? Too many.