But uh, of the 365 days in a year, did they really run out of days to release movies? This will be, what, the 5th big one due Tet 2010?

“Nu Hon Ruc Ruc/Radiant Kisses” will be a musical comedy about a haughty & unreasonable rich girl named Lam (Thanh Hang), who besides beauty, also owns a luxurious resort in Nha Trang left to her by her parents. Under the management of the young spoiled Lam, who loves shopping and singing, but lacks management skills, the resort quickly goes into bankruptcy. To save the multi-million dollar family business as well as  making her singing dreams come true–even for just a day–, Lam plans to host an extravagant charity concert which will be advertised nationwide to attract singers to attend. However, because of Lam’s inexperience, management companies found this event not worthy/important enough to book their singers. Without a single performer for the night, Lam is forced to put together a last minute show using the  resort’s employees. Amidst all the confusion, luckily, she was able to invite one real singing group called U4.

So where does Minh Hang come in exactly? Well, it seems like she will only play a minor role as a servant girl. Since the director will be Dung “Khung” (also the director of Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc starring Minh Hang & Luong Manh Hai), we can assume that this is why she got that big spot on the poster.

Moving on; Here are some more PR shots for the film coming early next year: