khong tu quynh (2)

So I’m guessing the plan is to  release a new “Nho Lam” version everytime the girl gets a new image? If that’s the case, then….. exactly how many more looks do you have  in mind for Khong Tu Quynh, NewGen? Just wondering.

Here’s the first ever “Nho Lam” version dating back to her “Co Be Dau Tay/Strawberry Girl” days.   Age group targeting:…. Infants – Toddlers(?)

And the 2nd sadder ballad version, targeting…of course, the masses.

Last but not least, the newly released remix targeting…oh I don’t know… everyone else not targeted in the first two?

You can also somewhat tell that this new version was touched upon by OnlyC since it’s still riding fresh on the tail of Try2Up“.